Reduce Ebola Transmission Project: RETP 2014 to 2015


YACAN join the Ebola fight through an emergency project supported by DFID/ UK AID through Plan Sierra Leone to distribute food and Mobilized youth in hot spot communities in the height of the Ebola outbreak in November 2014 to September 2015 with the aim to reduce the chain of Ebola transmission and for people to stay in quarantine homes during the 21 days quarantine period.

The Project is implemented by Plan Sierra Leone in the Western Area district in Sierra Leone. YACAN was assigned to distribute food and non food items to quarantine homes as directed by the country National Ebola Response Center through their Western Area Emergency Response center (WAERC). YACAN throughout the project enrolled 25 volunteers including staff in the head office to join in the uphill task to ensure people in quarantine have at least three supplies of Food and Non Food Items so they can stay in quarantine.
YACAN was able to mobilize 30 Information Focal Person (IFPs) in 20 hot spot communities in the Western Area in order to support their communities and other national stretchers to disseminate information relating to Ebola awareness, preparedness and response. These 30 IFPs also worked with 180 community people who were reference group members that meet weekly to discuss the community status in the Ebola fight.
YACAN, since December 2014 to 2015 during the Ebola Outbreak has reached over 7,340 household members and each household is made up of between 1 to 6 people. YACAN through the support of Plan Sierra Leone in the RETP Project funded by DFID has reached 21,117 people in Quarantine.

YACAN has considered all this intervention as a great success for the organization to reach more people and for the organization, and it was the first time to respond to an emergency of this kind. This has helped to show many people that with committed young people and volunteers youth can contribute positively to any emergency.