Eucational Mentorship Program For Underprivileged Children 2012 to 2013


Youth and Child Advocacy Network (YACAN) and a British foundation called NGbotima set-up by some philanthropist made up of Young People in the UK. We identified one major challenge faced by most children who came from poor families and are living with relatives mostly due to economic predicament or parental dispute. YACAN noticed with utmost concern that some children could not perform better in school due to lack of attention accorded them for coaching and mentoring, and this Initiative brought about the Educational Mentorship Program for Underprivileged children in poor and slum communities and schools.

This pilot project was implemented in 3 communities in Freetown and 10 schools in 5 Secondary and 5Primary schools. With about 50 children for two academic years (2012 to 2013) the Project was able to show a significant change in 45 out of 50 children. These performances of children in school increased over 25% in their grades and 20 out of the 50 children were able to have a clear pass mark in their first attempts in Public Exams during the Mentorship phase.

YACAN collaboratively developed a mentor manual with NGbotima foundation which was appropriately utilized by mentors for a successful implementation of the project. YACAN trained five (5) Mentors and worked with them closely, and also identified and mentored 50 Mentees/ children from three communities in two years. YACAN’S mentorship service contributed immensely in the academic performances of school going children, as they accounted for excellent grades in their public exams and a noticeable improvement in their academics.